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Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be difficult. While chocolate, socks and wine are some of the safest options, when it comes to picking a truly thoughtful gift, it’s good to be guided by the man himself. What are your dad’s passions? What are his interests? Does he have any hobbies? By asking yourself these questions, you’ll likely be guided to a topic around which you can form gift ideas. However, if you’re super stuck, one of the most common interests that most dads share is music! So, whether your dad was a Sex Pistols punk rocker or a Beatles super-fan, there’s a range of great Father’s Day gifts for music-loving dads: 

Bluetooth Speakers 

A Bluetooth speaker will ensure that your dad can always listen to his favourite songs wherever he is; all he’ll need to do is connect his phone to the speaker using Bluetooth. There are a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers available to purchase with different special features, meaning you can choose one that’s especially suited to your dad. For example, if he loves a singalong in the shower, you may want to buy a waterproof speaker. Alternatively, if you usually find him banging about in his shed, a speaker with supersonic sound performance would be perfect. 

Concert Tickets 

If you want to treat your dad to an experience he’ll never forget this Father’s Day, why not take him to see one of his favourite musicians or bands? Not only will attending a concert enable you and your dad to spend some quality time together, but it will also allow you to share a memory that you’ll both treasure for years to come. There’s nothing quite like live music, so concert tickets are always a great option! 

Music Lessons 

Has your dad always wanted to learn to play a particular instrument? If becoming the next Jimmy Hendrix or Phil Collins was always an ambition of his, a music lesson will make a fantastic gift and provide him with the opportunity to try his hand at a new skill that could potentially become a passion. To arrange a music lesson, get in touch with a local music teacher or alternatively, purchase a gift card so that your dad can choose when to redeem his musical present! 

Personalised Record Storage Crate 

For dads with an extensive vinyl collection, our personalised record storage crates will make a great gift. Not only will having one of these stylish crates enable your dad to keep his favourite records at the heart of his home rather than stowed away in a box in the attic, but the extra addition of wheels will also allow him to transport them easily to get any party started! Having the chance to add a personalised message also gives you the opportunity to make this a more individual gift that’s entirely unique to him. So, whether it’s a personal nickname or a novel message, a personalised storage crate could be the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day. 

Music Streaming Subscription 

While your dad may love listening to his favourite CDs or vinyl records at home, he may be a little stuck when it comes to music on-the-go. A subscription to a music streaming service such as Apple Music, Google Music or Spotify will enable him to listen to classic tunes and discover some new favourites while enjoying a range of activities both in and outside the house! 
Do you have any other ideas when it comes to Father’s Day gifts for music-loving dads? If so, inspire others by sharing them with us on our social media channels or to find out more about our extensive range of personalised crates, browse our website now. 
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