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As a relatively new arrival to the UK, the Christmas Eve box is a festive phenomenon of which many are still blissfully ignorant – but probably not for long… 
What Is A Christmas Eve Box? 
Quite simply, a Christmas Eve box or crate is a box or crate that you can fill with festive goodies to present to a loved one on the night before Christmas. The box, or crate, can be as simple or as elaborate as your imagination and budget will allow, from a DIY cardboard box covered in wrapping paper to a personalised wooden Christmas eve crate that will last for years to come. 
Christmas eve box contents typically include festive snacks and treats, age appropriate liquid refreshment, a Christmas stocking (empty, ready to hang), new pyjamas or slippers, and a Christmas storybook or DVD – in short, anything to create a cosy, festive ambience and heighten the anticipation. 
What Is The Point Of A Christmas Eve Box? 
Amongst those aware of the growing trend for Christmas Eve boxes, views are polarised. 
At one end of the spectrum are the cynics, who view Christmas eve boxes as yet another step in the mass commercialisation of Christmas. 
But at the other end of the spectrum, lovers-of-all-things-Christmas view Christmas eve boxes as an essential prop for creating the perfect Christmas. And that’s because Christmas Eve boxes have the capacity to offer much more than a straightforward exchange of gifts. 
5 Reasons To Buy A Christmas Eve Box 
Before you ‘bah-humbug’ the idea of a Christmas eve box, here are 5 reasons that might just change your mind… 
1. Christmas Eve boxes become a treasured family tradition 
Think back to your happiest childhood memories; it’s likely memories of Christmas will feature high up the list. Christmas is a magical time, especially for children, and one of the few occasions in the year that families share quality time together. But it’s the special things you do together every year in the build up to Christmas, rather than the act of opening presents on the big day itself, that tend to become our most treasured memories. 
Whether it’s choosing and decorating the Christmas tree, making mince pies, or visiting Santa in his grotto, these shared experiences become family traditions that remain happily etched in our memory banks forever. Christmas eve boxes, thoughtfully packed with lots of little things to build festive atmosphere, will become another annual tradition as eagerly anticipated as Christmas Day. 
2. Christmas Eve box contents don’t have to be expensive 
There are no hard and fast rules about what to put in a Christmas eve box but the general idea is to choose items that create festive atmosphere rather than add to the present list tally. There really isn’t any need, then, to spend a fortune on a Christmas eve boxes contents (although it’s worth spending a bit more on the Christmas eve box or crate itself if you want it to stand the test of time). 
There’s no reason why some Christmas Eve box fillers can’t be one-off purchases that get wheeled out every year – let’s face it, no-one ever gets tired of watching ‘The Snowman’ on Christmas Eve! Others, such as festive snacks and treats, or Christmas tree ornaments, can be cheaply bought from all supermarkets, or home-made. 
And, if you’re savvy, the night before Christmas is probably the only day of the year when normally mundane bedtime essentials - such as pyjamas, slippers and bubble bath – will be received with gleeful delight. 
3. Christmas Eve boxes keep the kids occupied 
Everyone wants their child/ren to experience the magic of Christmas but we all know there’s a point at which excitement can become migraine-inducing mayhem. 
If you choose contents wisely, a Christmas Eve box is a brilliant way of taking the edge off over-excitement, without spoiling the fun. Children of all ages will happily settle in front of the TV to watch a festive film while younger children can spend hours with a few felt tips and a festive colouring book or a Christmas word-search. 
Anything that keeps kids happily occupied on Christmas Eve, so you can finish preparations for the big day or (even better) relax yourself, is a winner. 
4. Christmas Eve boxes promise you a good night’s sleep 
Getting excited children to settle on Christmas Eve bedtime can be like herding cats. But if you choose Christmas Eve box contents that make bedtime an attractive proposition, you’re in with a shout of getting a decent night’s sleep. 
Festive PJs, a festive hot water bottle cover, a milky hot chocolate, a Christmas story…your kids will be practically begging you to go to bed. And if you’ve kept them busy in the preceding twilight hours with other items from their box, they should have used up some of that nervous energy, too. 
As for the adults, include a favourite festive tipple in your loved ones Christmas Eve boxes and everyone should get a good night’s sleep! 
5. Christmas Eve boxes make great storage crates 
Boxing Day carnage is a scene we’re all familiar with. Floors strewn with toys and ripped wrapping paper, stray sausage rolls under the sofa, empty glasses covering all surfaces and presents still lying in nominated piles. Trying to muster the energy to tidy up and put things away requires monumental effort. 
A Christmas eve crate is the perfect vehicle for transporting presents to owners’ bedrooms, for storing Christmas decorations and knick-knacks in the loft for next year – or, possibly, for taking unwanted presents straight to the charity shop! 
Free delivery on Plantabox Christmas Eve Boxes 
If you’re interested in making Christmas Eve boxes a new tradition for your family or loved ones, take a look at our extensive Christmas range, all handmade in Devon from FSC certified pine. 
We have a wide choice of sizes and styles, all of which can be personalised with your own name and message, and because it’s the season of goodwill, we’re offering free delivery on all UK orders made up until 23rd December! 
Make this Christmas one to remember. 
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