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For many, one of their favourite parts about their home is the interior design; being able to pick out which shades and colours you think best reflect both your personality and the needs of the room takes time and consideration, however, it is a worthwhile task that makes many feel more comfortable in their surroundings. Despite putting in the man-hours inside, many leave their gardens to overgrow, neglecting their precious outdoors space. 
Your garden should be a sacred space where you can relax in peace, but also host incredible garden parties with some of your nearest and dearest. As the colder months become a thing of the past, and summer grows ever-closer, getting outside and tending to last years greenery should become one of your main priorities around the home. Decorating your garden has never been easier, and with the help of water features, decorative plant pots and wooden garden planters, you can soon add a splash of colour and personality to your outdoor space, no matter how large or small! 
So, in time for summer, take a look at how you can make the most of your garden and turn it into the summer haven that you deserve! 

Plant Pots 

Plant pots are one of the easiest ways to personalise your garden, with a plethora of pots in different colours, sizes and materials are widely available from most garden centres. For a more traditional look, select terracotta options in a myriad of different sizes to house your beloved plants. These are perfect throughout the warmer months, as you can cultivate a variety of flowers and plants in these, allowing you to simply transfer them to a larger choice when necessary! 

Garden Furniture 

If you have the space, you should definitely consider opting for some garden furniture this year. From wooden benches to an impressive outdoor table that your dining room would be envious of, take a look online and pick out something that would fit perfectly in the available surroundings. For those who love hosting, consider a lot of seating options for people to perch on while around or, if you’re more limited with space, a quaint table and chair set for two can lip into the blank space that you may be wondering what to do with. 

Water feature 

Water features take your outdoor space to the next level. From bird baths to water cascading over some tactically-placed rocks, this is an area which you can fully customise to fit in the space on offer. Not only are water features aesthetically pleasing and a fantastic way to use up your garden space, but they also increase the air quality and humidity levels, meaning that they’re a fantastic option for those who are avid gardeners. Before installing. Water feature, it is best to consult a professional who will alert you to what would work best for you. 

Garden planters 

Sometimes, you’re short on outdoor space. However, this doesn’t have to mean that you’re disheartened when it comes to personalising your garden! Garden planters are brilliant for this, as you can decide on how big to purchase them depending on what space you’re working with. Here at Plantabox, our garden planters come in an assortment of styles, allowing you to pick whichever would work best for you. The sizes aren’t the only thing that you can customise either; using the Pantone colour guide, each crate can be painted with a choice of fifteen colours. 

Flower beds 

If your daydreams consist of gazing out of your windows, a rainbow of colours looking back at you, then flower beds could be exactly what you’re after. One of the reasons that flower beds work so well in your garden is because it is completely up to you what you do with them. Assigning particular areas to turn into flower beds also means that you have specific areas that need looking after, meaning that you can choose how much (or little!) garden upkeep you need to do! The number of plants and flowers that you can house in your flower beds is endless, so head down to a hardened centre where you can decide what colours and varieties you’re after. 
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