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Plantabox is a business founded on producing sustainable, quality handcrafted products right here in the UK. Clearly by working with wood we avoid all the issues of plastic but we’ve also spent some time considering what more we could do. As you can imagine our business produces an amount of wood off-cuts which we thought would be ideal as fuel for those in need. 
The approach of winter is dreaded by many 
Fuel poverty disproportionately affects the elderly but anyone who does not have enough fuel to heat their home and cook is defined as being in this position. Clearly the health implications over a cold winter are tough to think about. 
We connected with the wonderful Axewoods Co-operative who help those in fuel poverty secure their own wood fuel. We were delighted to ship 10 pallets of kindling and larger wood pieces to them to add to their wood bank 
Axewoods Co-operative, Alan Dyer said “It has been a real pleasure – another of those win/win./wins! Already you have a load of very grateful people sending you good thoughts. We have a couple of clients in caravans with very small wood burners, so the off-cuts have been ideal for them.” 
Can we help ? 
Plantabox is a Devon based company and we hand-craft personalised wooden crates for individuals under our brand and retail display units under our brand. We strive to use sustainable wood where possible and our proud to be a substitute for plastic alternatives. 
With the turn in the weather and the approach of autumn we are again keen to help people in fuel poverty and will happily work with any local charities who are in contact with households where a free bag of kindling (our off cuts) will make a difference. Help us repurpose our waste into a critical resource, fuel for those in need. 
Just get in touch and we’ll do what we can. 
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All our Plantabox products are hand-made and personalised for you! 
Just to keep you informed. 
With Brexit now a reality, we are starting to experience some issues with deliveries to European countries, especially Ireland. A number of packages, sent via our courier DPD, have been returned by customs with no comments or instructions to enable us to correct paperwork and enable the delivery to proceed. We are doing our best to rectify this. 
We also want to make customers aware that in some cases, where a delivery is successfully made into Europe, an additional customs charge may be applied. We are afraid that we are unable to influence this charge, and being a small company, we are unable to refund these additional costs. 
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