5 Activities for Kids to Enjoy this Summer

With the sun shining and the flowers in bloom, summer is the perfect time to let your children relish some time to themselves. Whether it’s throwing a garden tea party with their favourite toys, creating colourful collages made from interesting materials, or writing a summer journal that they can cherish forever, there are a large variety of fantastic activities for kids to enjoy during summertime.

Here are just five of our favourites:

Finger Painting
Every child loves getting a little messy, so finger painting is the perfect activity to enjoy outdoors in the sunshine! Prepare for your finger painting session by placing either newspaper sheets or a plastic tablecloth over a sturdy table. Then, pop a selection of paints out on the table, accompanied by large sheets of plain white paper. Being outside, there’s no need to worry about mess so once you’re ready, let your little ones go wild with this hands-on activity, creating pretty pictures, swirling patterns or simple handprints using all of their favourite colours!

Garden Tea Party
A novel way for children to play with their friends and toys during the summer months is to ‘throw’ a garden tea party. Prepare for your little one’s guests by spreading out a picnic blanket on a patch of soft grass and setting out some paper plates and cups. Then, pop out some tasty treats that can be enjoyed in the sunshine such as sandwiches, crisps and fruit. Finally, wait for their guests to arrive or if it’s more of a teddy bear's picnic, head to their personalised wooden toy box and help them choose which of their favourite companions will be lucky enough to join you in the garden.

Natural Collage
The summer is a great time to find a range of interesting materials that can be used to create some fantastic collages, so why not take your little ones on a nature trail to hunt for some? A walk through the woods or a stroll on the beach are greats ways to collect some really interesting bits and bobs such as twigs, leaves, petals, feathers, sand, shells and stones. Then, head back home to create some wonderfully natural collages that are sure to be bursting with life!

Summer Journal
Many childhood memories are made during the summertime, so jotting them down to remember can be a fun and nostalgic activity for children to enjoy. Before the summer truly begins, head out to the shops and let your little one pick their very own summer journal that they can write in every day and record their activities, thoughts and feelings. Then, once the season comes to an end, take the time to read over their writings and relish those wonderful new memories together.

Sow Seeds
Summer is the perfect time for plant life to flourish, so treat your child to the opportunity to grow something of their own while the weather is warm. Head out into the garden and designate a particular patch to them or alternatively, purchase a selection of garden pots or crates and fill them with soil. Then, let your little one choose what they’d like to grow and plant the correct seeds. Encourage them to tend to their seeds responsibly by letting them feed and water them daily; as their plants grow so will their pride!

Have you got any other fun activities for children to enjoy throughout the warm summer months? If so, we’d love to hear them! Get in touch on our social media channels to share your ideas. Alternatively, head over to our website to browse our personalised wooden crates for kids range now.