6 Wooden Crate Storage Ideas

Isn’t it a mystery how after every spring clean, we end up with more stuff? Hastily trying to ready the home for an influx of summer visitors, it can be a struggle to find storage solutions, and things end up crammed into any crevice available. Below are five ways to spruce up your living space with Plantabox storage, without sacrificing your style! 

Shelving Units

The easiest way to make space is to add shelving units to your home. Crates add a rustic flair, and the shelves are equally at home in any room of the house. Mix and match sizes to create a bespoke shelving unit or wall. Wooden apple crates make great furniture pieces and our Large Crate is no exception. The wooden crate features a central shelf that can be used for a wide range of different purposes. A functional and stylish addition to any room in your home, this large crate can be mounted onto a wall to create a bespoke display and shelving unit.

Drinks Crates and Caddies

A caddy or crate is the ideal way to display drinks. Show off the beautiful bottles by placing them in one of our personalised caddies. The design means that drinks are easy to access, and better yet, they’re portable! Fancy a tipple in the garden after your evening meal? The caddy can come too. Want to sip a G&T in the bath? The crate has you sorted. Just fill with your favourite assortment of drinks and display for all to see.

Kids’ Book Storage

Kids’ things can end up in the strangest of places. Our customisable wooden book caddy is great for book storage, and can be used to carry books and kids toys round the house. All you need to do is add a special someone’s favourite books and you’ve got a brilliant gift. A great gift for the little readers in your family!

Vegetable Storage

Our large personalised wooden vegetable rack has a shelf and two slats across the front to enable it to hold vegetables or any other loose produce. The front slats of the vegetable rack can be personalised, and you can also add wheels to the bottom to make it easier to move around. Durable and stylish, it will stand the test of time - and makes the perfect personalised gift for the head chef of the household!


Wooden Toy Box

Tripping over the kid's toys can be a daily occurrence for parents, our personalised kids toy storage box provides a fun solution to this problem. This stylish wooden storage box is a big hit with little ones who love having their own personalised toy box. They've even been known to put things away in their toy storage box by themselves! Available in a wide range of fun colours, this toy crate can be ordered with wheels for easy transportation and a lid for safe storage.


Vinyl Record Crate

Caring for records is a delicate matter - storage needs to preserve the vinyl while showing off its amazing album art. Plantabox’s vinyl crates are not only the perfect size for your record collection, but are open-topped to display album covers. If you’re looking to brighten a room in preparation for summer, forgo fancy artwork and display your favourite album instead. Smart, spacious and stylish!