7 Unusual Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos at Home

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most poignant celebrations in your life, one you will want to look back on with fond memories that you can cherish for years to come. For many newlyweds, the best way to do this is with a selection of photographs depicting family, friends and every tiny detail about the love and union that was felt on their big day. However, once the celebrations are over and the excitement has passed, these beloved pictures are often stowed away and only revisited on special occasions such as anniversaries or Christmas. But this doesn’t have to be the case and with a little creativity, you can transform these special photographs into a permanent yet unique feature in your home that will serve to remind you of your big day every day! Below, we share seven different ways to display your wedding photos at home.

  1. Personalised Picture Frame
    If there is one particular photograph from your big day that you absolutely adore, a personalised picture frame will make that commemoration even more special. Here at Plantabox, we offer customers the chance to personalise their picture frames with an ampersand design or even a custom illustration of the wedding venue, serving as an even more detailed reminder of their big day.
  1. Gallery Wall
    While a classic frame makes a lovely addition to a bedside table or sideboard, gallery walls are a more contemporary and stylish way to display more of your wedding photographs all at once and will look great in any room, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s on a large wall in your living room, kitchen or dining room, or even in a small bedroom alcove, you can create a beautiful gallery using a selection of images that are personal to you. To make it even more special, why not add photographs of from other family weddings or even your early dating days together?

  2. Coasters
    If you want a more practical way to display your wedding photos, having them printed on coasters is a novel option that will make them functional as well as memorable. Every time you enjoy a hot or cold beverage, not only will you look down and be reminded of your special day but so will any guests who have popped round to visit for a cuppa!

  3. Upcycled Window Frame
    For those who love a DIY product, an old window frame that’s in need of some TLC can quickly be transformed into a characterful wedding photograph display. The perfect shabby chic addition to any home, all you need to create an upcycled window frame is the frame itself, which you can find at your local recycling centre, and some paint in a colour of your choice. Then, as with any upcycling project, prepare the frame by rubbing it down with some sandpaper before giving it a fresh coat of paint. To achieve a classic rustic look, give it a second going-over with the sandpaper. If not, simply pop a selection of different photos in the separate sections of the frame or place parts of the same image in to create a larger depiction.

  4. Personalised Wedding Memory Box
    While there are many beautiful wedding albums to place your photos in, a personalised memory keepsake box will not only keep your photos safe but will also provide you with easier access to them, encouraging you to get them out more frequently for a browse. Why not go one step further and have your favourite wedding photo printed on the lid of your memory box? Here at Plantabox, not only can we personalise your special box with a wedding photo of your choice, but we can also place a poignant message below to accompany the image and pay tribute to your wedding day.


  1. Artistic Display
    Let loose with your creativity by crafting your very own artistic display to house your wedding photos. This could be anything from a busy collage to a natural wall hanging; the choice is yours! If you’re seeking some inspiration, a beautifully raw but artsy way to display your photos is by hanging them as polaroid images on pieces of string from a long branch or piece of driftwood that you can then fix to a wall in your home. Watch then swinging gracefully as they catch the breeze.

  2. Coffee Table Book
    Finally, while many newlyweds opt for the traditional wedding album, having your wedding photos professionally printed in a coffee table book will transform them into a super stylish home accessory that you and your guests can browse easily while in each other’s company. Whether you opt for small, travel-size book or go for a larger hardback, a coffee table book will enable you to have your wedding photos right where they belong in the heart of your home!
    Do you have any other suggestions when it comes to displaying your wedding photos at home? We’d love to hear about them - share with them with us on our social media channels! Alternatively, pop over to our website now to browse our beautiful wedding range.