A Guide to Planting Your Plantabox Crate

Place your plastic liner in your crate with the seam running lengthways along the middle. Fold the extra plastic over the top to protect your crate while you fill it. Make some holes in the bottom of the liner that line up with the gaps in the bottom of the crate, between 4 and 8 depending on the size of the crate should be perfect, this allows for drainage.

Now the chance to get rid of some of those old broken terracotta pots, place these, stones or pieces of polystyrene into the bottom of the crate to aid drainage and provide aeration. Place your chosen compost orplanting medium into the crate leaving a few centimeters at the top (a bit more if you have larger plants).

For seeds or bulbs just follow the planting instructions provided or on the packet. For plants remember the angle that you will view the crate from and place larger plants in the centre at the rear and smaller plants coming towards you, move the compost to one side rather than digging a hole and press the plants in firmly making sure there’s no air around the roots. Then take a sharp knife and carefully trim off all the excess plastic liner.

Place your crate in it’s chosen position, remember not all plants like full sun! If you have not ordered wheels then you will need to raise your crate off the ground slightly to aid drainage and prevent water logging. Keep your crate watered well but do not over-water, as with any pot, water logging will kill your plants. If you move your crate remember to keep it slightly off the ground. Plants don’t like to freeze and neither does your Plantabox, protect it from extreme weather. Pop it in the garage over the winter or even wrap it in bubble wrap but make sure that you don’t trap water in the wood as this could warp the planks.