Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults

Got Christmas Eve Boxes for the kids sorted but don’t want to leave out the grown-ups? Here’s the low-down on finding the perfect Christmas eve box for the young at heart. Christmas Eve Boxes don’t have to be childish; there are plenty of sophisticated and classy designs available, from stylish monochrome simplicity to colourful star and snowflake designs, and an increasing number of suppliers offering Christmas eve boxes to suit all tastes and budgets.

Where Can I Buy A Christmas Eve Box For An Adult?

If you’re looking for a Christmas Eve Box that will stand the test of time, it’s worth spending a bit more to get a good quality one that’s made from sustainable wood. For a really thoughtful touch, some suppliers of Christmas Eve boxes, like Plantabox, offer the option to personalise boxes and crates with a name and/or a message, too. But, remember, if you’re ordering online, check customer reviews – and make sure you choose a supplier who guarantees delivery before Christmas Eve! Of course, buying a Christmas eve box for an adult is only part of the process. You’ll then need to decide how to fill it!

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10 Great Christmas Eve Box Filler Ideas For Adults

No one is ever too old to enjoy the magic of Christmas. Whether it’s a Christmas Eve box for your husband, wife or significant other, a Christmas eve box for a couple, or a shared family Christmas eve box, there are plenty of ideas for fillers that will get even the oldest scrooge into the festive spirit. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

1. Festive Treats and Snacks

A big part of Christmas for most adults is the guilt-free indulgence in naughty and nice food. Festive treats and snacks are an obvious choice, then, for a Christmas Eve box filler. Whether it's special chocolates, stilton, or a gourmet nut selection, there are masses of choices in farm shops and supermarkets or, even better, you could make your own. In fact, if the Christmas eve box is for a couple, you could go the whole hog and use the box to create a DIY Christmas hamper filled with all sorts of lovely things.

2. Liquid Refreshment

Anything with bubbles goes down a treat with adults on Christmas eve, whether that be champers, craft beer or sparkling elderflower. A sure-fire way to get even the most reluctant scrooge into the festive spirit. Cheers!

3. Christmas Stocking

You’re never too old for a Christmas Stocking (well, that’s what we think, anyway). If the Christmas eve box is for a partner you live with, buy or make them their own personalised stocking to put in the box, ready to hang up for, er-hem, Santa to fill with small trinkets and gifts.

4. Scented candles

Christmas is a time of heightened sensory awareness and scent, in particular, strongly affects our mood and triggers happy memories at this time of year. A beautiful scented candle with a spiced Christmas aroma will create a relaxed vibe – and help mask the smell of wet dog, too!

5. Pyjamas

No, not just for the kids. There’s nothing better on Christmas eve than cosying up in front of the telly or, preferably, a roaring log fire, in your onesie or PJs. They don’t have to be festive, but warm and fleecy is good.

6. A Game

Putting together a Christmas Eve Box for a family? A Christmas-themed game, like Pass the Pud, Christmas Monopoly or Christmas Bingo, will get everyone off their iPhones and share a good time together, no matter what their age.

7. A Personalised Christmas Decoration

Whether it’s a special bauble for the tree, a festive tea-light holder or a string of fairy lights, a new Personalised Christmas Decoration will inject fresh excitement and anticipation, particularly in households where the decorations have been up since the end of November.

8. Mistletoe

If you can get your hands on some mistletoe from the local florist, it's a great Christmas Eve box filler for adults - particularly if you're giving it to someone you really love!

9. Lavender Pillow Spray

Christmas eve can quite often be hectic for adults, what with last-minute Christmas shopping, wrapping presents and preparing food for the big day. A spritz of lavender pillow spray will ensure a good night's sleep so the grown-ups wake up feeling refreshed and ready to celebrate on Christmas morning.

10. A Scratchcard

Okay, not particularly festive but you could just make someone’s Christmas the best ever if you supply them with a winning lottery ticket!

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