Fathers Day Gifts for Beer - Loving Dads

Father’s Day is on the horizon but are you still stuck for inspiration when it comes to finding the right present for dads? Well, if your dad enjoys a bevvy or two and relishes cracking open a cold one after a hard day’s grind, why not opt for a beer-themed present? Here at Plantabox, we’ve got some great beer gifts that will serve to heighten his drinking experience further, from personalised beer crates to a handy wooden beer holder. So, if a bottle of his favourite brew won’t quite hit the mark this Father’s Day, read on to discover more great gift ideas that are perfect for beer-loving dads.

Beer-Making Kit
Has your dad ever tried to create a special brew of his own? If not, a beer-making kit could be the perfect present for him! Not only will a beer-making kit enable him to discover the fascinating process of brewing, but it will also allow him to enjoy the novel experience of drinking a beverage made with his very own hands! There are a wide range of home-brewing kits available to choose from, so whether he likes a smooth tasting beverage or is more of a pale ale man, finding one to suit your dad’s taste shouldn’t be a problem.

Personalised Beer Crate
If your dad loves to sip on an ice-cold beer while firing up the barbecue, he is sure to love one of our personalised beer crates. The perfect accompaniment to outdoor entertaining, these large wooden crates are ideal for storing beverages and keeping them cool during garden parties and barbecues and will definitely be the talking point among friends and family. Additionally, a personal message will be a novel and thoughtful touch that is sure to earn you a smile from the man himself. Once your crate has arrived, you could even go the extra mile and fill it with your dad’s favourite beer, so he can grab a cold one whenever he fancies! The perfect Dad beer gifts.

Beer Journal
While he’ll undoubtedly have his favourites, you may notice that your dad is always on the lookout for new and tasty beverages to try while out and about or on holiday. As such, a beer journal is a fun gift that could help him keep track of his discoveries and enable him to jot down any particular brands that he wants to find out more about or try again. Failing that, he could also use it as a beer mat!

Personalised Wooden Beer Caddy
If your dad is quite the socialite and loves a good get-together with the lads to watch the football or enjoy an afternoon of fishing, a personalised wooden beer caddy will make a useful addition to any gentlemanly gathering. With a capacity of 6 or 8 bottles, our beer holders will ensure that your dad is never short of a tipple wherever he is and can always transport his bevvies in style whether he’s entertaining inside or out.

Engraved Pint Glass
Does your old man have a special pint glass that he uses especially for beer? If not, an engraved pint glass is a great gift that will enhance his love of beer-drinking even more! Choose a pre-engraved phrase or get your own special message etched on to a glass including your dad’s nickname, his favourite beer or a funny saying that he loves. Whatever you go for, having his own personal pint glass is sure to make beer-drinking even more of a novelty for your dad.

Personalised Beer Paddle
Finally, why not let your day sample several of his favourite beers at once with our stylish personalised beer paddle? Think wine tasting but for beer lovers! Here at Plantabox, not only do our bespoke beer paddles come with three glasses that sit perfectly within the grooves, but we also offer customers the chance to personalise our two designs by adding the recipient’s name. So, whether it’s a night in front of the television, an afternoon in the garden or an evening with friends, a personalised beer paddle will always make a novel addition for your dad to enjoy.

Do you have any other recommendations of gifts for beer-loving dads this Father’s Day? Share your ideas with us and others on our social media channels or visit our blog for more unique present ideas that your dad is sure to love including Father’s Day gifts for music-loving dads.