The Very Best Bridesmaid Gifts

Every bride needs her bridesmaids to ensure her special day runs smoothly. Not only are these lucky ladies likely to be close friends or family whom you love dearly, but they will also play a vital role on your wedding day, whether they help to calm those pre-wedding jitters or carry the train of your dress as you stroll nervously down the aisle. As such, you may want to say an extra special thank you to these chosen few with a unique and thoughtful gift. Below, we’ve outlined just a few of the very best gifts to help you show your bridesmaids your appreciation.

Flower Bouquet

Flowers are always a lovely way to show gratitude and appreciation, so why not treat each of your bridesmaids to a bouquet of beautiful flowers? You could have individual bouquets made from each of their favourite flowers or instead form these arrangements according to certain colours that are associated with certain meanings. For example, yellow is thought to signify friendship while pink is associated with affection and love.


While this is perhaps the most obvious choice, gifting your bridesmaids with a piece of jewellery that is personal to them either before or after your big day will enable them to have their own special memento from it that they can treasure for years to come. Knowing them all so well means that you’ll be able to select an item that suits their taste; for instance, one bridesmaid may prefer earrings while another prefers bracelets. 

Once you have chosen a piece of jewellery, you could even go one step further and have these items engraved with a special message or your bridesmaids’ initials.


What better way to record their special memories of being your bridesmaid than with their very own journal? No matter how big or small, a journal will be a place where your bridesmaids can sift through their thoughts and jot down any special moments that they want to remember, whether that be smiling and laughing on your hen do or watching you enjoy your first dance with your other half.

Pampering Session

While you may have spent weeks feeling uptight, the likelihood is that your bridesmaids will also have been feeling the pressure throughout your wedding preparations. Consequently, a much-needed pampering session can make a thoughtful gift, where your bridesmaids can take the opportunity to relax and enjoy some time to themselves. Whether it’s a hot stone massage, a soothing facial or a simple nail appointment, being pampered is a luxurious experience that is particularly enjoyable after a busy period, i.e. your wedding!

Memory Box

Finally, a personalised memory box is a deeply personal gift to bestow that will give your bridesmaids somewhere special and safe to store all of their belongings from your big day. From Polaroid photographs to place name cards, these beautiful boxes can hold a variety of items and will always remind your bridesmaids of how much you appreciated them being part of your wedding.

Here at Plantabox, we craft our memory boxes with the utmost care and can even personalise them a special message just for your bridesmaids. All you need to do is provide the information you’d like displayed on the box, whether that’s their name, the date of your wedding or simply the word ‘bridesmaid’ and we will do the rest! Browse our gorgeous range of wedding gifts on our website now or reach out on our social media channels to tell us what lovely gifts you gave your bridesmaids to show them your thanks.