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Here are some of our most common customer questions, if you have any other queries just use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch... 
Here are some of our most common customer questions, if you have any other queries just use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch... 
Can you deliver to (insert destination)? 
The answer to this question is invariably YES. If our couriers can get there then a crate can be delivered, however if you are not able to select the destination using our address finder and in extreme cases we will need to get you a quote for the cost of delivery. This will depend on the weight and the destination so the more information you can give us the more accurate we can be. We may need to take payment offline and manually process the order but everything is possible. We are able to deliver to most of Europe and you can select these destinations when you register to shop. If you have a special requirement just contact us and we will do our very best to help. 
How should I prepare an empty box for planting? 
When we plant up our boxes, we use a bespoke horticultural liner but a heavy duty bin liner would suffice. A bespoke fitting liner is available to buy for just 75p. Make sure you perforate the liner intermittently to allow for drainage. You could also add a layer of stones, bark or other material that would help aid drainage before filling with compost. Check what sort of soil your chosen plants prefer but loam based compost is preferable to a peat based one. Suitable compost planting substrates are available from our accessories section. You could also finish your planted crate with a layer of bark chippings to prevent the soil drying out too fast, especially in the summer months. Check our Planting Guide for more information. 
How long will it be before it is delivered? 
When you buy your gift we will advise you on which specific day your order will be delivered. If you require the item to be sent for a particular day, we will always try to accommodate this, if you need a crate delivered quicker you can use our Fastrack service, see below for more information. Please note that we do not deliver on a Saturdays or Sundays. More information can be found on our Delivery page. 
How should I care for my Plantabox once it's planted? 
Your Plantabox is best positioned outside in a sheltered but sunny position. We do not recommend too much water as it makes the plants lazy, however they do need a drop to survive, especially in warmer months. Small Plantaboxes are designed for indoor use but can be kept outdoors during the spring and summer. Your crate should be slightly raised off the ground to reduce the contact to the surface of the ground in the wet seasons allowing the wood and the crate's contents to breath. This can be done with various things but you can purchase wheels from our site to do this - it will make the crate easier to move around once it is fully loaded too. As with any outdoor planter it will need some care during winter months and you may want to store it in a shed or greenhouse. 
My crate has been damaged in transit - what should I do? 
The first thing is to let us know if there's anything wrong with your delivery or your crate arrives in an unsatisfactory condition within 24 hours to enable us to log your problem with our courier and to deal with it as expediently as possible. Ideally take photos of the damage and email them to us as well. We will always endeavour to replace a damaged crate as soon as we possibly can. 
How does the Fastrack next day delivery service work? 
Provided we receive your order before 12.00 noon on any business day we'll complete your order and dispatch it the same day for next working day courier delivery which is tracked, this is for mainland UK only and costs £9.95 (dependent on weight). If you select the fastrack option we'll acknowledge your order and start processing it straight away. In the unlikely event that we accept an order that we cannot deliver within this guideline, we'll let you know and arrange an immediate refund if required. 
Tell us more about the colours? 
We have an extensive range of colours which have been picked to give you as many options as possible. You can see the whole range on our 'How to Order' page. The paints are all manufactured by Cuprinol and are waterbased stains which are designed for protecting wood outdoors. All our crates are treated, we never send a crate out without being prepared in this way. 
What about caring for the crate itself? 
Your crate is manufactured from Sustainable pine but will rot and warp if left in very damp and poorly ventilated conditions. The key to preventing rot is to control the wood’s exposure to moisture, most wood decay fungi grow on wood with a high moisture content usually 20 percent or above, your crate has been treated with high quality wood stain to help inhibit water ingress. Your crate should be stored so that it is raised off the ground, particularly when planted. If stored in a damp and airless environment it will degenerate very rapidly. Try to take special care when watering your crate so that you do not soak the wood and increase the likelihood of fungi growth, at all times pay particular attention to adequate drainage and ventilation. It is essential to make drain holes in the liner when planting. 
What sizes are the boxes? 
The sizes of the boxes are listed on the main site, however they are as follows: 
Large Plantabox Crate: 53cm (L) x 36cm (W) x 26cm (H) 
Square Plantabox Crate: 36cm (L) x 36cm (W) x 26cm (H) 
Medium Plantabox Crate: 40cm (L) x 31cm (W) x 14cm (H) 
Small Plantabox Crate: 31cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 15cm (H) 
Half Plantabox Crate: 53cm (L) x 36cm (W) x 14cm (H) 
Mini Plantabox Crate: 29cm (L) x 11cm (W) x 7cm (H) 
Windowsill Plantabox Crate: 50cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 14cm (H) 
Medium Square Plantabox Crate: 31cm (L) x 31cm (W) x 14cm (H) 
How can I move my Plantabox around, once planted? 
The large and square Plantaboxes can be ordered with wheels. This will ease manoeuvrability once planted up. Please order the wheels on the product page and they will be fixed to your Plantabox. Alternatively, you can order them afterwards and add them yourself. 
If you can't see your question here just fill in the form below and we'll do our best to answer it, all the fields are required for us to deal with your question in the most efffective way, thanks... 
All our Plantabox products are hand-made and personalised for you! 
Just to keep you informed. 
With Brexit now a reality, we are starting to experience some issues with deliveries to European countries, especially Ireland. A number of packages, sent via our courier DPD, have been returned by customs with no comments or instructions to enable us to correct paperwork and enable the delivery to proceed. We are doing our best to rectify this. 
We also want to make customers aware that in some cases, where a delivery is successfully made into Europe, an additional customs charge may be applied. We are afraid that we are unable to influence this charge, and being a small company, we are unable to refund these additional costs. 
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