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Plantabox - home of the Personalised Apple Crate 

Our personalised wooden apple crates re-create the traditional apple crate or bushel box of yesteryear but made from high quality, sustainable pine treated for outdoor use with the option to be personalised with the wording of your choice.

Not only do they make superb personalised gifts for any occasion, our personalised wooden fruit crates have been used for gift hampers, storage systems, marketing events, point of sale and display purposes and have even graced the TV screens in Market Kitchen, Kirstie's Homemade Home, 60 minute makeover, This Morning, Great British Menu, Big Brother, ITV's Love Your Garden and Masterchef, to name but a few. From our original Large personalised wooden crate we've added the Square and Small wooden crates, and the range has grown over the years, as we’ve launched a Seed Tray, a windowsill crate, medium crate and a mini crate which is very cute. And more recently we've expanded into all sorts of personalised wooden gifts, from wooden tablet holders to raised planters!

A Short History of the Apple Crate or Bushel Box

Also known as bushel boxes, fruit growing farms used these original wooden apple crates when harvesting their apples, pears and plums. Air could circulate through the slats of wood, keeping the fruit in the best possible condition. The wood fruit crates were sometimes reinforced with wire as once loaded with fruit and stacked on top of each other, they were very heavy. Farms invariably had their names printed on the wooden crates as well as charging 5 shillings for them which was refundable upon return. By identifying the fruit crates and charging, this helped to ensure their safe return. 
Some wooden fruit crates date back to the 1930s and such originals are in great demand, although becoming more scarce to track down. Now used as storage crates, as well as wooden planters. 

An array of personalisation options

The choices of colours has expanded to 13 options and continue to develop, personalisation options have also been enhanced, and we can also add wheels, bespoke liners and a whole range of accessories to the crates. What has not changed is the interest and delight that so many customers have conveyed at having found such a unique personalised wooden fruit crate gift. All variations of the personalised wooden gifts can be ordered by following the easy-to-use process in our shop.

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