Fathers Day Gifts for Garden-Loving Dads

With the weather warming up and the evenings growing longer, why not treat your dad to a gardening gift this Father’s Day? Whether he’s got his very own allotment full of thriving fruit, vegetables and plants or simply loves to potter around on a Sunday afternoon mowing the lawn and planting new seeds in an old garden planter, we’ve got some fabulous Father’s Day gift suggestions that are simply perfect for garden-loving dads.

Personalised Allotment Crate
If your dad loves spending time down at his allotment, a personalised allotment crate will make the ideal present for him this Father’s Day. Not only are our personalised allotment crates fantastic for storing a variety of gardening essentials including tools, gloves and kneeling pads but with an added personal message, can serve as a novel reminder of your dad’s passions for gardening. Additionally, these crates can also be used to store a selection of your dad’s favourite snacks, meaning he’ll never go hungry while enjoying his gardening!

Build Your Own Birdhouse
Bird watching is an activity that many dads enjoy. If you often catch your old man gazing out into the garden with a pair of binoculars or scattering seeds in the hope of attracting some winged wildlife, a build your own birdhouse kit could make a really thoughtful gift. The beauty of these kits is that anyone can build them, meaning your dad doesn’t have to be a DIY whizz to create a homely birdhouse! There are a large variety of kits available online or in several high street stores, so getting hold of one for Father’s Day will be no trouble at all.

Personalised Barbecue Crate
If your dad considers himself a bit of a barbecue connoisseur, he is sure to love one of our personalised barbecue crates. Not only can he store all of his barbecue tools on one side of the crate, but he can grow his very own selection of barbecue herbs on the other! Creating a barbecue crate that your dad will love is simple; all you need to do is pick his favourite colour, create a personal message and if you’d like to, opt for the added extras of wheels, a plant marker and a herb seed collection pack and we’ll have it delivered to your door in time for the big day.

Gardening Gloves
Any green-fingered gardener needs a handy pair of gloves, so why not treat your old man to a pair this Father’s Day? Not only will a thick pair of gardening gloves help keep your dad’s hands clean, but they will also protect them from any plants that could potentially sting, prickle or irritate his skin. Additionally, if he’s brave enough to tackle the dreaded winter-weeding, gardening gloves will keep your dad’s mitts nice and toasty during those chilly days.

Personalised New Leaf Crate
Finally, if you’re dad likes to have his garden looking as pretty as possible, a personalised new leaf crate will enable him to arrange his plants in style. Our new scripted image collection offers a unique and wonderfully aesthetic element to our wooden crates, making them look even more fitting for the garden than ever before! Choose your crate colour, personalised message, plus the optional extras of a hessian liner, wooden lid or wheels, and we’ll do the rest here at Plantabox !

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