How to Transform Your Outdoor Space

In the winter, our gardens often get a little neglected with the seemingly constant downpour of rain, uncomfortably low temperatures and limited hours of daylight. However, with spring now in full swing and the weather finally starting to warm up, it’s time to get back to enjoying your outdoor space! This is the perfect time of year to get your garden looking simply beautiful, ready to enjoy the long summer days in the sunshine reading a book or soaking up the warmth. If you’re in need of a little inspiration to get you started, you’ve come to the right place!

Strip It Back
First things first, it’s best to give yourself a clean slate to work from. Get on with those much-needed garden tweaks such as mowing the lawn, trimming back the hedges and getting rid of any garden waste. Any dead plants can be upturned and mixed in with the soil, and any broken pots or debris should be swept away. If your garden is home to some decking or stepping-stones, these will often benefit from a little TLC before you move onto any other projects. Re-doing your garden should be done in a similar way to how you would re-do a room; start by de-cluttering, then move onto the walls and ground, building up your magical space from there.

Make the Most of Your Space
Not everyone has the luxury of a large garden, but that doesn’t mean that the space shouldn’t be utilised all the same! There are plenty of clever hacks that can help you to maximise the area. For example, adding floating shelves to a fence can save floor space, and is the perfect place for flowers and herbs. Another idea is to hang a large mirror in the outdoor space as this can give the illusion of double the beauty, especially if hung opposite your prizes plant display.

Go Green
If your garden is filled with lush green grass, a simple trim may be all that is needed. However, for those without a stretch of lawn to care for, there are plenty of other ways to give your garden that natural green glow. You can consider growing climbers up the walls or fences to add depth, invest in a selection of small trees to nurture over the years or start growing your own herbs and lettuce in one of our beautiful garden planters. Opting for plants in pots gives you the freedom to change up the layout whenever you please and is perfect for those without the space to plant directly into the ground!

Add Colour
Once you’ve got the basics of greenery around your space, it is time to add a splash of colour. Your local garden centre will provide you with an array of inspiration with vibrant flowers, berry bushes and wonderful wildflowers so you can take your pick. Some like to pick out a colour scheme, whilst others prefer to leave the hues to run free and create a rainbow of beauty throughout the year – it’s entirely down to your tastes at this stage. Another way to add colour is through the pots or planters you pick, from classic terracotta to pastel shades, and this will mean that your garden is colourful all year around, even when the flowers are not in bloom.

Summertime Seating
The seating area is possibly one of the most important aspects of your outdoor space to help you make the most of it. Consider both comfort and functionality when picking furniture, depending on how you’ll use the space. You can choose to go bold with a brightly coloured set of table and chairs or opt for the on-trend adventure of upcycling by creating your own seating/lounging area out of palettes. This will match perfectly with your wooden garden planters and will keep with the au-natural theme of the great outdoors!

Light it Up
Summer evenings spent in the garden are those that you’ll remember for years to come. Although the sun sets late in the day during the summer, the warming glow of some garden lights adds a real sense of magic to your outdoor space. Whether you enjoy the sweet scent of a garden citronella candle or a pretty string of outdoor fairy lights, this can help to create a feeling of warmth and is best strung around the outer perimeter of your space. If you’re feeling brave, you could even consider building your own fire pit, which will provide warmth, a cooking source and a gentle flicker.

Hopefully, that’s given you the inspiration you need to get started on this year’s garden project. Be sure to check out our blog for plenty more tips and tricks on looking after your garden, encouraging wildlife and growing some tasty treats too! We’d love to see any of your gardening photos, so be sure to share them with us on social media!