The Best Wooden Herb Planter Boxes

Our range of brilliant garden crates is the ideal way to grow a variety of different herbs. In this blog post, we will cover some popular herbs, describe their optimum growing conditions and suggest one of our gorgeous wooden planter boxes to grow them in.


Sage is a perennial, woody herb with a gentle aroma that can be grown both in and outdoors. It needs well-drained soil to flourish and is happiest in full sun. Hot patios, windowsills and balconies are the best places for this delicious herb! Just find a medium-size pot with good drainage, or a well dug sunny spot in your garden. 

Sage can be harvested all year round, however, it is best to do so in the summer. In the winter, protect upper leaves by covering or cutting back. For a stronger and more aromatic flavour, use leaves fresh. For a gentler taste, dry leaves in bunches by tying with rope and hanging somewhere warm. Sage tastes best in late summer, so mix into squash risottos, fricassee or soul-soothing soups. 

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Needle point leaves and a Mediterranean aroma - rosemary is a great all round herb! Best sown in spring, rosemary, like sage, can be harvested all year round. It needs plenty of sun but shelter from wind, and well-drained soil in the ground or pots.

Rosemary tastes best when it has new shoots in the summer. After the plant flowers, cut back to prepare it for winter. As rosemary hates having soggy roots, raise your pot off the ground during the winter months! Rosemary is very easy to dry. Either remove needles from the woody stalk and store, or tie branches with string and leave to hang. Eat with focaccia, meat, vegetable tray bakes.  

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Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena has a light and gentle smell with, you guessed it, bright citrus notes. Lemon verbena is best planted near patios or or windows, so that people can enjoy its wonderful aroma - it releases oil when touched! If planted into the ground, lemon verbena transforms into a large shrub. In pots, the plant is far more manageable. 

This herb is best planted in warm weather, in spring, and does not like to have wet roots. However, make sure that the top two inches of soil are damp and do not dry out! Lemon verbena makes a delightfully refreshing tea. Put leaves straight into hot water, or dry and make blends with your other herbs!  

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With beautiful flowers and a gentle smell, everything about chamomile is relaxing! Chamomile is a perennial herb, and is harvested in July and August. Many people plant the herb to create a fragrant ‘chamomile lawn’, as it can grow quite tall and has beautiful green feather-like leaves and daisy-like flowers. 

Both leaves and flowers of chamomile are edible, though be careful not to consume if it has been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. Crush the leaves into hot water and add a flower or two to float on the top. Drink before bed to help get a good night’s sleep!

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An iconic herb beloved by people and bees alike! Lavender makes an excellent companion to other plants. Plant in borders and along paths to maximise the stunning purple flowers and strong fragrance. It likes full sun and well-draining soil. Using the flowers helps with pruning, though it benefits from being cut back in spring. 

Lavender is well-known for its relaxing properties. Add dried leaves to a cloth bag and place under a pillow for a restful sleep. Alternatively, scatter into baths to reduce anxiety. Lastly, lavender can be used to help with digestive problems and many skin complaints such as small burns and eczema. Please keep in mind that lavender can be poisonous to some pets.

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A tangy and slight citrus herb that helps niggling troubles. Sorrel is an easy herb to grow, either from a seed or a starter plant. Sow in well-drained soil, somewhere sunny or slightly shaded. If growing in a pot, plant centrally to allow for growth. 

Harvest throughout the summer, and remove flowers to prevent it from going to seed. Every few years, the plant will need to be divided to avoid becoming clumped. This is best done in spring or autumn. As well as being delicious in salads, sorrel has many healing properties; it is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant and can therefore help improve symptoms of skin complaints, blood pressure and improve heart health. 

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A freshly fragrant herb with a myriad of varieties! These plants need plenty of water and position somewhere that it gets plenty of light. Mint can be harvested from May to October and is best used fresh. 

When growing mint, it is best to keep in pots if you are a gardening beginner, as mint can quickly overtake a garden. While mint is delicious on buttery, boiled potatoes or in a cup of warm tea, we think it goes best in a refreshing Mojito! 

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A popular herb and perfect in Italian cooking - or a cocktail! Sow seeds indoors in late winter or early spring, ready to be grown outside throughout the summer and harvested into the autumn. Basil makes a great windowsill plant, as well as balconies and patios!

Remove leaves as and when needed, which are best used fresh. Make into pestos, add to the top of a Margherita pizza, mix with pasta and best of all, make a cocktail! In an ice cube tray, add a strawberry and a few basil leaves to each square. Cover with water and freeze! When ready, pour your favourite whisky on the ice for a warming and refreshing cocktail! 

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