Top 10 Personalised Gifts

We believe that a present is something that you'd like the recipient to have, but a gift is something they would want. It's a lovely sentiment and one which our customers truly believe in.

Being able to personalise a gift in so many ways is unique and shows that you have really thought about the person who is receiving it. From the colour, the details, the personalisation all the way through to the planting, a personalised Plantabox crate is a very special gift for a very special person.  Everyday we're fortunate to witness first hand the creativity and amazing personal messages that people write on the crates. You need to know that you have the power to make a difference. To bring a little sunshine, thought, love and care into somebody's life by making your dedication personal. Here are our top 10 gifts that prove popular time after time, adapting this simple concept to create a beautiful gift for your loved ones

1. Large Personalised Wooden Garden Crate 

Our all-time bestseller is always a hit. A gorgeous personalised garden planter crate, perfect size and fantastic quality featuring your personalisation in a choice of fonts and colours. 

2. Kids Personalised Toy Box Crate

This product is unique to Plantabox and comes with a range of fantastic accessories to make the ultimate toy box, available in lots of colours and fonts. 

3. Medium Personalised Garden Crate

This medium crate has been incredibly popular ever since we launched it, it is lighter than a large crate when planted and is easier to move around. 

4. Small Personalised Wooden Crate

This lovely, half-scale replica apple crate is great as both a planter and for storage. Ideal for herbs and bulbs it makes a beautiful planting gift. 

5. Large Wedding Gift Crate

Our unique personalisation commemorating the special day makes a personalised crate a stunning gift, filled with gifts on the day and planted up afterwards. Available in different colours, design and fonts. 

6. Personalised Garden Gifts

From a personalised trug to a tea tray or a wine caddy we have the perfect gifts for any occasion, see these and lots more in our outdoor living section.

7. Personalised Beer Crate

Dads and brothers are notoriously difficult to buy for but this stunning personalised crate is a very popular solution.

8. Personalised Anniversary Crates

Like our wedding crates, these large personalised anniversary crates mark a very special day in a beautiful way. 

9. Personalised Keepsake Boxes

These boxes have been a huge hit this year, they come in lots of flavours and are great for new babies or weddings. 

10. Personalised Crates with Herb Seeds

Available in a range of sizes our herb planting kits make lovely gifts that can be tailored for anyone in the family.