Wedding Florist Crates

Over the years we've seen some great examples of wedding floristry adorning our crates, both for use in the ceremony and out. We've got to hand it to brides, they come up with some amazing uses for our crates that really help add the finishing touches to their big day and even if we say so ourselves our crates look great in wedding photos! If you'd like to add the personal touch to your floral displays then why not talk to your wedding florist about including our crates as part of your wedding flowers? The crates can be personalised, feature a picture of the venue or even have bespoke graphics printed on to the side. We can deliver them straight to your florist and they can do the rest. If you are a wedding florist why not get in touch and talk to us about trade discounts.

Say it with Flowers

Our personalised wedding range has grown & grown to include some amazing & truly individual products. Browse our wedding showcase below to see the array of creative uses our crates have been put to by our customers.