How to Throw the Ultimate Garden Party

With warmer weather and longer evenings, summer is the perfect time for a garden party. Not only is this type of gathering a great excuse to get together with family and friends to catch up but it’s also a fantastic way to make the most of the brilliant sunshine and flourishing outdoors. If you’re thinking of hosting a big bash this summer, we’ve got some helpful tips to ensure you cover every base when it comes to throwing the ultimate garden party.


Tend to the Garden
As many of us do when we’ve got guests coming, having a good clean up is a great place to start with your garden party preparations. Whether it’s giving the lawn a quick mow or tending to your flower beds, treating your garden to some TLC will give it a new lease of life as well as provide you with the opportunity to make some quick alterations if needed to ensure it looks it’s best for your party. For instance, after mowing and trimming it all back, you may decide that you want to add some colour in among the greenery. You could do this quickly and simply by planting a selection of flowers in either a large garden planter, flower bed or individual plant pots, which can then be dotted around the garden to create splashes of colour.

Prepare for All Weather Types
While we have no doubt enjoyed a gorgeous summer so far, the British weather is renowned for being very unpredictable. As such, it’s best to prepare for every eventuality when it comes to the weather to ensure your guests continue to enjoy your party no matter what the climate.

If you are planning your party in advance, start by checking the weather forecast when possible to determine whether showers are predicted on the day of your big bash. If so, you could invest in a gazebo or two, so your guests can take cover in the wet. Similarly, if lower temperatures are expected, providing some cosy accompaniments such as blankets and cushions, as well as setting up a fire pit that your guests can huddle around, will help warm them up, while creating that nostalgic summer vibe!

Sort the Seating
At some point, it’s likely that your guests will want to sit down and relax in between the mingling and the dancing - if it’s that kind of party. To ensure everybody has the opportunity to take a pew if they’d like to, prepare an ample amount of seating for your guests by creating several seating areas around your garden, some in the centre of the party and others a little more secluded.

If you’ve only got one set of garden furniture, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to fork out for more to accommodate your guests; picnic blankets, hammocks and deck chairs are all items that you may already have that can be used for seating. Similarly, indoor chairs can be covered and placed in particular areas while old tree stumps or even logs are great items to use as seating that will give your party a wonderful earthy feel.

Aim for Ambient Lighting
Good lighting is key to creating the perfect atmosphere at any party, so don’t hold back when it comes to your big bash. Think candles, fairy lights, lanterns and tea lights, as well as solar lights too!

Make clear the centre of your party by having one powerful light source such as a large lantern or table light in the area to draw guests in and illuminate the area well. In quieter seating areas, however, take the lighting down a few notches by hanging a string of lights from above and dotting a selection of candles or tea lights in and around the area to create a more serene atmosphere, while still ensuring that your guests can see each other comfortably.

Finally, solar lighting can be used to direct guests to different areas by marking the pathways in your garden – simply line them up and watch them glow!

Get Creative with Decorations
What’s a garden party without some beautiful decorations? While there are tons of ways to spruce up your garden for your big bash, here are just a few suggestions to help inspire your garden party décor: bunting is ideal for creating that classically summery festival vibe, so hang a variety around your garden in different colours and patterns.

Similarly, paper lanterns are also fantastic decorations that can be hung from trees or tied to gazebos and awnings to create beautiful pops of colour and signify the festivities.

If you’re treating your guests to dinner as well as a gathering, you may also have a large table that will need decorating. A great way to do this is by utilising more natural decorations such as garden greenery and flowers to create some vibrant table centrepieces that will wow your guests as they sit down to eat. But whatever florae you use, ensure that you have a colour scheme in mind so that you can create displays using a selection of complementary colours and shades.

Pick a Playlist
Music is the perfect accompaniment to any party, no matter what the tone, so make sure you’ve thought about this well in advance to ensure you create the right vibes for your guests.

If you want to go all out, you could consider hiring a band or musician to play some live music throughout your party – a sure way to get your guests up for a boogie! If it’s a more low-key event, a playlist may be a better option and will set a more relaxing mood while still providing the opportunity for you to liven it up a little with some choice tracks.

Start creating your playlist a few days before your party, adding a variety of songs along with some of your guests’ favourites until you have enough to cover the duration of the party without playing the same songs on repeat. Once your guests have arrived, pop on the music and let the festivities begin!

Will you be throwing a garden party this summer? If so, we’d love to know how you’ll be preparing for your big summer bash. Reach out to us on our social media channels and share your preparation plans with us. Alternatively, head over to our website now to browse our gorgeous range of garden planters and accessories.